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Eye of Tanit Charm Necklace

Eye of Tanit Charm Necklace

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The protective eyes of Ibiza's Goddess Tanit, who represented dance, sexuality, and creativity. May you party with her protection!

18ct Gold, waterproof & party-proof.



No more taking off your gold jewellery every time you go for a swim on holiday, or a dip in the hotel pool, our necklaces, bracelets and earrings are all silver or 18ct gold with durable vermeil plating  and though of course we do recommend taking them off if possible, your jewellery wont tarnish or rust in the sea, pool, dancefloor! Sold as part of the permanent collection at the iconic Pikes Ibiza , Peach Ibiza and Fantastico in Ibiza Castle, Dalt Villa, as well as many stockists all over the island. All of our Au la la pieces make for both the perfect holiday jewellery, party pieces for a night out, and  also the perfect gift. Necklaces perfect for layering, earrings and rings perfect for stacking. 
Add.a luxury jewellery gift box and bag for the cutest little birthday, Christmas, Mothers Day, Thankyou gift, Congratulations gift wedding present etc
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